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When is viagra going generic in us a, how can an effective vaccine available from doctors without a prescription be introduced in India today? What kind of research in India is needed? How does it compare with other developed countries where vaccine coverage is good? There are several scientific studies that suggest viagra is safe. There are various research studies comparing the viagra efficacy against other drugs. There is an ongoing trial involving 250,000 girls and 500,000 boys at 11,000 hospitals across India. There was a study conducted in the United States where it concluded that 1,000,000 women and 700,000 men will have to be vaccinated see a real change in population. How does this compare with India where vaccine is a public health need? The vaccine has been approved for use in India through the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 2000. They do not require any further approval from the FDA or CDC. How many girls and women will have to be vaccinated see a real change in population India? The vaccine is already available in countries like Germany and Australia which has achieved a vaccine coverage of 80%. There is no viagra in India unlike Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, Guatemala, Mexico and Kenya where a lot of women and young men depend on their medicine and require a lot of it. Why don't we have Viagra in India when even Germany and Australia's drug coverage rates are 80% by now? Why is it that a drug available in Germany and Australia has to go through trials in India, which means new medicines are introduced in all the public hospitals with a requirement of patients' signatures for every prescription being supplied? It is necessary to vaccinate all girls and women for protection also prevention. There are many female viagra users, the male use has declined over the last two decades. In Australia Viagra is available pharmacies without prior approval from the FDA. process involves patient signing. In Europe the approv