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CNY Hunts - Guided Hunting Packages - Finger Lakes Region
Deer Hunts Goose & Duck Hunts Turkey Hunts
The best deer hunting in Upstate New York!!!
"We are ready to go out of our way to give a quality hunt for a limited number of hunters."
Duck and Goose Hunting
"Small game license,
migratory bird stamp,
HIP# are required!"
Guided Turkey Hunts - 3 Day Hunt - 1 Day after May 3rd, 2006
"Small game license,
and turkey permit
are required!"

Deer Hunting

Gun Hunting-100% Success 2013
Limited Availability!
Single Day
Price: $300.00/per day
Three Days
Price: $750.00
Prices may include rooms and meals

Archery Hunting October
Specialized in Archery Hunting!
Three Day Hunts - October - Pre Rut
Price: $750.00

Archery Hunting November
Specialized in Archery Hunting!
Three Day Hunts - November - Rut
Price: $750.00

Muzzle loader Hunting
Limited Availability!

Goose & Duck Hunting

Early Goose Hunting
Fully Guided - September Hunts
Price: Call For Details

Snow Goose Hunting
Call for Pricing

Goose & Duck Hunting
Daily Rates Available!
Party Up To Four Persons
Price: $500.00
Each additional $125.00
Party of Two Persons
Price: $400.00
Prices do not include rooms and meals

Early Youth Hunting
Limited Availability!
Two Days
Usually the Saturday & Sunday
prior to regular duck and goose season

Turkey Hunting

Spring Turkey Hunting-100% Success 2014
Limited Availability!
Fully Guided - Two Day Hunt
Price: $600.00
Prices include rooms and meals

One Day Hunts
Limited Availability!
One bearded bird per day
Price: $325.00/per day

Two Day Spring Youth Hunts
12-15 years of age
Limit one bearded bird

Prices may include rooms and meals

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